Thursday, 28 May 2009

Personal Playlists

This page will contain one play list for each member of GKSC
(those who want to participate that is).
Playlists are to contain no more than 50 songs, and only one playlist each.
Write you list of songs (track title and artist) and i will create and post it here.
Please send you lists as an E-mail to my msn address.
i do not accept files of any description so please write your list out in the E-mail instead of sending it as an attachment.
The aims of this is to;
a) Share Members differant tastes with each other.
b) To listen to music without having to download.
c) Liven up Runescape with some 'bangin' tunes' =P

Any further questions, just ask.
Much love

Demonking 17's Playlist

Kiamek's Playlist

Thraser8's Playlist

Sparkone's Playlist

Great1 23's Playlist

P Jnaths Playlist